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Inhabit Construction are builders in Tasmania, a business formed in 2014 derived from a partnership between Adam Crerar and Nick Easther. Together, they have over 35 years of building experience and make a dynamic duo providing building solutions to many happy clients across the state. Inhabit Construction deliver top quality building solutions in a professional, friendly and energetic manner.

One of the big things that Inhabit Construction sets out to do as builders in Tasmania, is to create strong partnerships with clients prior to, during and post building project. In order to finish a job to the highest of quality we believe that fully understanding our clients needs is crucial. This is the base of our values and our success.

Inhabit Construction builders in tasmania home extension launceston

Our values as builders in Tasmania

  • We value communication with our clients to fully support their dream from start to finish.

  • We believe in utilising our broad range of skills to create innovation, beautiful design, and well designed solutions.

  • We deliver in style, quality and on time!

Utilising our broad range of skills, experience and expertise we aim to engage in collaborative partnerships with our clients about their building projects. Fully understanding and supporting our clients throughout the entire building process, from planning to completion, is an essential part of our style. Our ultimate goal is innovative, well-designed, beautifully-crafted building solutions – resulting in homes for our clients that are truly a pleasure to inhabit.

We love to share, especially our expertise and advice, so go on. Pick up the phone. Give us a call.

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Master Builders Tasmania

Inhabit Construction Master Builders Tasmania Winner award for excellence
Inhabit Construction Master Builders Tasmania

In 2018 we were thrilled to be announced winners of the Master Builders Tasmania Award for Excellence in the category of Renovation / Addition over $400 000 for our Penquite Road project. The award is a testament to the great work, quality finishes and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. 



Meet the team

Nick Easther Inhabit Construction builders in tasmania


Likes - Anything to do with water ie surfing, kayaking, diving, swimming, bushwalking in the rain, baths, showers etc

Dislikes - Exercising for the sake of exercising

AFL Team - The mighty Hawks

Smoko Treat - Anything but ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches (which I have eaten nearly every day forever!)

Favourite thing to do weekend - Hanging out with the family, love a bit of camping

Nick Crerar Inhabit Construction builders in launceston


Likes - Relaxing with the family, hitting the gym, wine tasting & cooking 🍳

Dislikes - People that are never wrong, gossip

Smoko treat - Smashed avo with chilli tuna

AFL Team - The Bulldogs

Weekends - Eating, sleeping, kids sport, cooking & having a few quiet 🍷, not thinking about work if possible

Cameron Richardson - Inhabit Construction - bathroom renovation launceston


- Family, design, exploring, beers with the boys, music, country life

Dislike -Traffic, nail guns that jam, climbing scaffold after a frost

AFL Team - Richmond Tigers

Smoko Treat - BLT and anything from Michael Riley’s lunchbox 

Antoine Stefanidis - Inhabit Construction


Likes - fishing, camping and adventuring

Dislikes - cold mornings

AFL team - St Kilda

Smoko treat - cheese n bacon roll

Favourite thing to do on the weekend - chilling out with my mates


Caven Boyle - Inhabit Construction


Likes - When at home popping out into the garden to smell the roses

Dislikes - When my garden has no roses

AFL Team - I prefer to watch squash.

Favourite smoko- Mackie Dees Friday’s and freshly baked scones

Favourite thing on the weekend - Spending my weekends searching through the forest for fungi

Joe Boyle - Inhabit Construction


Likes - Waterskiing and football

Dislikes - Waiting in lines and Sunday drivers

AFL team - Melbourne

Smoko treat - Pie and can of coke

Favourite thing to do on the weekends - Having a few beers with mates

Tyler Tiffin - Inhabit Construction


Likes - Camping, fishing, shooting

Dislikes - Vegans

AFL Team - Hawthorn

Smoko Treat - Ham and cheese toasty

Favourite thing to do on the weekend - Hanging with mates

Belinda Cole - Inhabit Construction


Likes - finding & collecting old things, checking out markets, hanging out with the family, hearing my kids funny stories & watching them grow into amazing bigger people

Dislikes - early mornings

AFL team - I’m an ex-Queenslander, need I say more?! 

Favourite smoko treat - I don’t have smoko but if I did it would definitely be double coat Tim Tams

Favourite thing to do on the weekend - sleep in, bike ride with the family or go camping somewhere awesome if it’s a long weekend

Michael Riley - Inhabit Construction


Likes - Candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach and staring up at the night sky, looking into the abyss and pondering what could of been and what is to come.

Dislikes - Home & Away and subcontractors that don’t pull their weight, rock up late, always on their phone and damage work property.

AFL Team - Sydney Swans and Paramatta Eels

Smoko Treat - Braised lamb shoulder, seared backstrap, heirloom tomatoes, babaganoush, basil oil, dried black olives, brioche crumb.

Favourite thing to do on the weekend - Working on cashies for that sweet bling, plus renovating my house.

Jayden Johnson - Inhabit Construction


Likes - football & racing mountain bikes

Dislikes - losing & tomatoes 

AFL team - Richmond 

Smoko treat - pizza 

Favourite thing to do on the weekend - Mountain bike riding, camping and sleep 

Thomas Easther - iNhabit construction


Likes - Fishing, camping, touch footy, cricket, sleep

Dislikes - Getting out of bed

AFL Team - Western Bulldogs

Smoko Treat - Toasted ham and cheese sandwich

Favourite thing to do on the weekend - Sleep