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Welcome to Inhabit Construction - QUALITY Building and Renovations

    At Inhabit Construction we build and renovate with quality and outstanding results every time. We ensure that your experience with us is exceptional - no secrets and no skeletons in our perfectly built closets. By that we mean that we are professional, friendly (actually, hilarious!), and hold ourselves with dynamic manner. Utilising our broad range of skills, experience and expertise, Inhabit Construction strives to engage in collaborative partnerships with our clients about their building projects. Fully understanding and supporting clients throughout the entire process is our point of difference. From planning to completion, it’s an essential part of our stylish manner. We don’t just strip away old timber varnish and cracked tiles but also the stereotypical headache that comes with building. Because we believe that building or renovating should be an enjoyable experience.

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    What are our strengths?

    And why should you pick us as your builders in Tasmania?
    Well, let us tell you

    Inhabit Construction - Quote

    We provide detailed quotes and construction timelines based on building and engineering plans

    Inhabit Construction - Advice

    We are happy to provide building suggestions and advice for projects that are in the formative stages

    Inhabit Construction - Communication

    We like to talk, which means communication is at the forefront of all of our projects between our team and you - the client

    Inhabit Construction - Quality

    Quality is our middle name (if businesses had middle names!)


    Your Building Buddy

    We are the building best friend you always wished you had. However we would prefer not to keep talking about ourselves, and chat instead about how we can help you.

    We promise and we deliver in style, quality and on time!

    Below is how Inhabit Construction can help.

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    About Inhabit Construction

    Inhabit Construction was formed in 2014 as a partnership between Adam Crerar and Nick Easther - both of whom are builders with over 35 years experience. Inhabit Construction is fast making a name for itself as quality builders in Tasmania.

    • Quality Building Solutions

    • Consultative Client Approach

    • Professional

    • Reliable

    • Fully Accredited and Insured

    • Huge talkers - communication is key


    Our staff aren’t tools 

    Our team at Inhabit Construction are as good as they come, and we’re not just saying that because we’re biased. With honesty and integrity the common denominator amongst the crew, it makes for a fun, safe and reliable working environment. They are the team that you want working on your dream renovation, extension or home. Find out more about the team here.

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